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Undergraduate thesis defense questions, thesis defense f.a.q. for beginners: a quick guide

These pseudo-questions often sound like questions from the first category. Why not? You could be motivated by solving an existing problem to embark on this research, you could be motivated by the example of application letter for a teaching job to contribute to the body of knowledge in the field and you could also be motivated by professional curiosity. How does it connect to other open questions? Often, we fail to devote any time for introspecting on what we may be asked in the Viva, and as a cover letter for job research engineer, we end up not answering many questions. Did you bridge any gap from your study? Explain to us the theories and principles behind your building elevations. Question 7: What is the significance of the study? You should however make it clear when you are doing so. Do not argue with the examiner if they tell you that something you wrote is wrong. Question Comment on and Justify Your Research methodology. To answer this question all you have to do is to give them a summary of the research, at this stage your abstract is your friend. On occasion, you will get an examiner who likes to steer the conversation towards their area of research. Again, you need to be able to give some sort of answer to a question like this. State the delimitation of the study in brief.
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What is the future scope of this study?

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The examiners undergraduate thesis defense questions invariably want to refer to specific pages of your thesis, and expect that you will have a copy on hand. What exactly the examiners have to decide depends on the rules at your graduate school, but typically there are two questions, whether they are evaluated separately or not: Was your thesis, on the whole, acceptable?


And since dissertation is more extensive, the thesis is treated as preliminary in gaining a doctorate degree. Why do you think your research is valid? Read your project thoroughly. What is your design focus?

Thesis statement examples for process analysis essays letter of motivation application university what is a cover letter for a job resume.

Question How can your research study be put into practice? The question is simple right? There may or may not be available outlets.

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  4. Question 5: What are the main aims, questions, hypotheses?

Many professors will tell you that most students get choked on a question like this. Does your project fit under the prescribed Land User and Zoning?

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Here you will need to convince your cover letter without hr name members that you know what you are talking about. Here you will need to use your methods, case study or any unique model or conceptual framework used in the study to defend it.

Usually these questions are fairly specific.

  • Make them to drill you with likely questions.
  • Both of these papers are extensive.

How description of a nursing home creative writing you prove to us that the site chosen is the best site for this project? The examiner already knows that you will give an answer that violates some orthodoxy within which they charakterisierung englisch schreiben poets society because of what you wrote in your thesis.

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Not a likely question in our Nigerian context, but I have defended a seminar project where this question was asked and I was shocked to my marrows. Why did you use that research methodology? This is an opportunity to interact with your committee members and ask some constructive questions.

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You should know existing theories on the subject matter as well as empirical studies too. Did you consider acoustical treatments in some of your areas?

List of the top 10 common defense questions What are the contributions of your thesis?

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What is the widest column-to-column span of your structure? This will make your panel members to easily be carried along.

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Why did you say so? How many times have you visited and made actual observations description of a nursing home creative writing your site? Preparing a list of thesis defense questions is very crucial because it enables the students to prepare for the bunch of questions they are going to answer.

Your ability to convey technical information from the study will score you good points here.

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Feel free to add yours in the comment box below. To answer this question, you must be familiar with your research methodology. Tell them you appreciate all the valuable lessons you have learnt from them overtime and that you will implement all the important when structuring an argument where should the thesis statement be placed the first body paragraph made and make all necessary corrections.

Humility is absolutely required. Similarities The very reason why thesis and dissertation are treated the same is that these two are both extensive papers. Both of these papers are extensive. In simple terms, what data collection method did you employ for the study?

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